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The Columbia Urban League (CULSC) was awarded a $1,000 grant from The Starbucks Foundation. This grant is part of the Neighborhood Grants program, a nomination-based program highlighting important work done in the community and strengthening longstanding and newly established community connections that partners nurture and build as community champions, all in service of neighborhoods.

Since 2019, the Neighborhood Grants program has facilitated over 65,000 partners and their nominations, which helped The Starbucks Foundation to award more than $12.5 million in grants to non-profits across the United States and Canada thus far.

Mr. James T. McLawhorn, Jr., president and CEO of the Columbia Urban League, Inc. said, “Starbucks has been a longtime contributor to the Urban League movement across the country. The Starbucks Foundation recognizes our work in South Carolina and any contribution that helps to empower our community is appreciated. We are very grateful to be a recipient of the Neighborhood Grant during this award season.”

During the Starbucks ‘Season of Cheer’ in December 2022, CULSC was nominated and selected along with 2,000 other non-profits who address homelessness, hunger, and support youth and families. There were 29 additional organizations across South Carolina who received this grant including First Steps South Carolina, Palmetto Place Children and Youth Services, and Transitions Homeless Recovery Center. Over 20,000 program nominations were received from Starbucks partners and alumni across the U.S. and Canada overall.

The Columbia Urban League, Inc. is a multi-service, non-profit agency that promotes

financial stability and racial inclusion in our community. The Columbia Urban League offers

programs designed to provide economic empowerment and educational opportunities for those in need.


For more information about the Columbia Urban League and its programs, please visit our

website at or by phone at 803-799-8150.

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