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Plugged In

in partnership with Fairfield County School District and Viasat

Columbia Urban League provides eligible households with high-speed satellite-based internet from Viasat, a professional grade computer from Compudopt, digital skills training and support, and online resources supporting education, health, career development and more, all at no cost. Many households in South Carolina sit in “internet deserts”–places that lack the high-speed internet that many urban areas have easy access to. Residents in internet deserts do not have equitable access to online education resources, telehealth services, remote learning, job training programs, and many more internet-based resources that households with high-speed internet can access. Read more about how we are addressing digital inclusion one community at a time HERE.

To be eligible to participate, your household must:

  • Have one or more students enrolled in Fairfield County School District
  • Be eligible for federal SNAP benefits and/or Medicaid
  • Reside in an area of Fairfield County that does not have high-speed internet (defined as 60mbps or faster)

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Made possible by Viasat
Viasat is a space technology company that brings connectivity where it’s needed most to unlock opportunity for everyone, everywhere, through connectivity.

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